Freddie’s Place
1703 S. 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704

Your dog will swear it’s a dog park. You’ll try to tell him (in that weird talking-to-your-dog voice) that no, it’s Freddie’s Place, a dog friendly bar. No one here will take notice that you’re talking to your dog either, as this is the spot for dog-crazy, laid-back, outdoor-junkied Austinites. Sure, there’s a bunch of children’s going down the slide as if they were at a playground, but make no mistake about it-Freddie’s is all about your tail wagging buddy. But if you think about it, what’s better than children and dogs living in harmony? Maybe a place for adults to enjoy a damn good beverage under an oak tree–oh wait, yes, that’s this place.

See, back in 2006, owner Fred Nelson was the biggest advocate of getting an ordnance passed that allowed dogs outside restaurants. Add to that a dogs-only menu (1/2 pound of raw hamburger in a doggie bowl? Done.), cheap happy hours and a chance to “play for your meal” make this not only an institution, but a local favorite.

Sure, they welcome non locals (you know who you are, you like to come during ACL  or SXSW and it’s fine)…but remember, these four paws were here before you, so buy their owners’ a round and order the nachos con pollo, because your chips were never get soggy-even vegetarians will stray for this plate.



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