The Belgian Cafe
2047 Green Street, Philadelpia, PA

Smurfs and chocolate. Not the best stereotype, but also not the worst. Fortunately, being squished in-between Germany, Holland and France has made for a very – shall we say – quirky country. And out of that comes a very enjoyable vibe… and an even more enjoyable beer culture. One that is now in Philly. One that also happens to be dog-friendly.

So walk [insert your dog’s name here] down, pull up an outside chair and spend the day in-and-out of Trappist ales, paired with stinky cheese. There will probably be a day-old newspaper lying around and – if not – just strike up a conversation with the table next to you about [insert whatever Belgians talk about]. Extra high marks for waiters bringing out water bowls on first arrival.


A group of dog lovers that enjoy a good game of fetch in the park, a cold drink at a sidewalk patio, and Instagramming dog selfies with the best of them. We're working hard to find the best stories about our shared dog culture for you and your best friend.