Tria Café
123 S. 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Beer usually follows bros. Cheese usually involves pretention. Neighborhood bars – more often than not – are too…neighborhood-y. And dog-friendly spots usually attract people with a lot of hair on their jackets. Fortunately for those in the Rittenhouse area, Tria Café has put all of these things together in an atmosphere so relaxed, you might question if you’re actually still in Philly.

Since 2004, this place has firmly solidified it’s place as a Philadelphia institution, at least as disclosed on the website and admittedly written by the owners. Though the fact they don’t take reservations makes it an almost justified statement as we  know, the real cool places are those that don’t take reservations.

This is where you come to enjoy each other’s company, while pretending not to care at all whether your local Philly team is still at the bottom of the standings. No television, nor distractions, so be smooth when you keep looking at your phone for the score. If it makes it easier, your Philly team is probably still in last place.

From the “Fermentation Menu” to the antiquated knowledge of cheese and beer pairing – all in a place where your dog can scope out which bottoms he’ll be sniffing at the dog park around the corner – this is sure to become a favorite.

Best for: Small to medium dogs, foodies, people from Wisconsin, trappist-ale snobs.



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