Even if you’re not looking to relocate, consider taking your dog on a trip to one of these cities for a mini-vacation. Live in one of these spots? Lucky you – share your favorite places with us in the comments.

10 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Have a husky looking for his natural habitat? No better place than snowy Minneapolis. The city has lots of hiking trails and parks ideal for dogs to explore with their owners. Twin Cities alone has 7 dog parks offering scenic views.

9 – Phoenix, Arizona
If you enjoy no-surprise weather or a warm and dry climate, Phoenix may be the place for your dog. The Arizona Diamondbacks host an annual Bark In The Park event where dogs can strut around the baseball diamond in a pre-game parade. Many of the retirees living here also have dogs as companions.

8 – Boston, Massachusetts
If you enjoy amazing outdoor scenery, Boston could be the place for you and your dog. Canines are allowed on several boat cruises that sail the beautiful Boston harbor. Happy hours for dogs and owners alike are also prominent in the area.

7 – Tucson, Arizona
The always warm and sunny Tucson works well for the dog who thrives in the heat. One of the city’s most popular attractions is its annual Pitbulooza event, which recognizes National Pitbull Awareness Day each year. Several pet boutiques in the area offer spa treatments to pamper your pooch.

6 – Albuquerque, New Mexico
The parks of Albuquerque provide over 33,000 acres of space for your pup to play in. The Mayor even holds a Dog Ball each year to raise funds for spaying and neutering. Events for the evening include a Yappy Hour and musical entertainment.

5 – San Francisco, California
If you consider yourself a beach bum, the San Francisco Bay could be the perfect place for you and your dog to relax. The city is also very walkable, ideal for who anyone whose dog hates riding in the car and prefers a scenic stroll instead.

4 – Austin, Texas
Pet photography is an in-demand service here, with more than 35 artists seeking to capture Fido at his best. One of the city’s most popular attractions is Lake Travis. There are several trails and animal friendly practices right near the water. A must see is the annual Austin Dog Fair and Bow-Wow Bones, a food truck for pups. If your dog is the zen type, bring them to Austin Doga – a yoga studio where dogs are welcome to sit during practice.

3 – Seattle, Washington
Rumor has it the dog population of Seattle outnumbers the number of children living in the city. Seattle has more than 10 off-leash dog parks. There are several meet-up groups for dog lovers in the city to boot. Dogs are even allowed on public transportation and some of the local seaplanes.

2 – San Diego, California
San Diego has 16 off-leash parks where your furry friend can run free. The pleasant year-round weather makes a great convenience for those who love the sun and shine. The sand waves of the beach are always at your fingertips. If your dog wants to catch a wave, start training him for the annual Surf Dog Surf A Thon competition.

1 – Portland, Oregon
Portland has 33 dog parks, more than any other large city in the U.S. Surprisingly, a large business market in the city consists of pet massage therapists. The real estate available is also ideal for dogs. An average lot size of 8,000 square feet makes it a great place for anyone who wants a spacious yard. Your dog will be able to have tons of fun without even leaving the house.


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