I found myself chatting about the best dog themed movies with my cat-owning friend. Top 10 lists or any variation of lists are always subjective, but as I went down the dark hole of wikipedia entries and my Netflix queue, I rediscovered some gems that have key canine roles.  I am posting my list* in hopes that I missed a “must include” or someone who is willing to defend their list with passion. This week I’m going to test my list against my dog’s short attention span to see if my film choices agree with his finicky tastes. Sorry, Ally Sheedy’s Man’s Best Friend didn’t make the cut.

My top 10:
1. Best in Show Funny cast, tons of dogs and improv.
2. The Sandlot  Hercules/The Beast was a pivotal part of this classic.
3. Turner and Hootch What happens when you inherit a dog?
4. Beethoven It’s not the 90s and you’re not 14…but you should still watch this.
5. All Dogs Go To Heaven  Burt Reynolds as lead character voiceover? Perfect.
6. Milo & Otis Kitten + pug hijinks are a win-win.
7. Top Dog Chuck. Norris.
8. Cujo Just watch Beethoven after this to cancel out the nightmares. 
9. Anchorman Cue someone yelling “Baxter!”
10. Marley & Me Keep 2-3 boxes of tissues on hand. 


Have a better suggestion? The guidelines are: 
  • The dog can be a hero or antagonist but must have a memorable role in the movie.
  • The film must be animated or live action
  • Must be film, no made for TV movies or series.
  • If you’re struggling, check out this actor’s list for inspiration.

Share your picks in the comments or with us at @waggletoday on Twitter. We’re basically giving you permission to Netflix-binge with your dog, so get to it.


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