So you’ve given up on the canine lifestyle. We get it. The slobber, the barking, the four-times-a-day walks, the rising cost of kibble. Dogs are just a lot of work. Luckily, we have solution.


These guys sleep around 18 hours a day, just like that old roommate you had in college (who somehow still graduated). They eat kibble too, but less of it, and they’re dainty drinkers. You can say goodbye to that 3 square foot area of soggy food. If you’re really into human-animal interaction, you can get those sticks with feathers on them, or crinkly little balls. Or, you know, an extra cardboard box. Miss games of fetch? No worries: laser pointers will have your cat running in frustrated circles around you, your furniture, and your house.

If you’ve grown tired of the excited tail thrashing that occurs every time you come home, then you’ll be pleased by your cat’s non-greeting upon your return. Most likely, he or she will pretend not to have noticed that you’re back home. Actually, many cats will deny your existence unless they want more food.

Turns out that cats can do pretty much anything dogs can. If you have eternal patience, you can teach your cat to walk on a leash (dragging your leashed cat doesn’t count; please don’t do that). The logical next step will be mapping out some hiking trails and exploring the great outdoors with your cat. Love camping? Cats can do that, too. And if you want to grab a cup of coffee while walking your cat, there are a number of cat cafés popping up across the country.

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of things cats do better than dogs:

We realize this is all exciting stuff. But making the switch from dogs to cats is a big change – give it some thought before jumping into the journey that is cat ownership. If you realize that you really do love that shedding, slobbering, tail-wagging canine friend of yours, then consider a multi-species home – your dog might just thank you for his new friend.


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