I coppa di matilda
647 East 11th Street (Avenue C)

New York, NY 10009

Every winter New Yorkers go through “I hate this city” syndrome, and then as soon as the temperature rises over 65, everyone is back in love and trying to re-affirm that they “discovered this place.” Well, we’re not planning to call you out, but one of the best parts about “almost Summer” is that everyone has patio tables that welcome your best friend. No, not “Lisa” who decided to stop texting you constantly after she met “Fabio” on a layover in Paris.  We are talking about your four legged friend who loves you no matter who you love, this week.

I coppa di matilda, or “Matilda” as the locals in the East Village call it, have some very friendly priced adult beverages, Gnocchi, and pasta plates…but the reason you want to come out to Avenue C is the Tuscan bread (it’s authentic, don’t argue), the cheese plates (their accompanying pear slices are worth the price alone) and the fact that they will love your dog. 

All dogs are allowed at the outside tables, as long as your dog is well-behaved and loves attention. But if you live in New York City and you’re trying to take an unbehaved dog out to a restaurant or bar, well…we suggest that he or she is only a training session away from joining you, appropriately. 

Did you know that most dogs can eat cheese (lactose tolerant, make sure) and pears? See you soon.

Always a place to rest your paws

Always a place to rest your paws.


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