The unfortunate thing about being a human is that we have to spend long, dog-less hours at the office. Our dogs are not really fans of this agreement either – they’d rather be out on a walk or playing a game of fetch. Even dozing on the couch is better than sitting home alone all day.

That’s why we’re big fans of dog friendly offices. Getting through Monday emails is a little easier when you have a dog at your feet and the prospect of an early afternoon walk on the horizon.

One of our favorite dog friendly offices is Huge, located across the East River in Brooklyn (DUMBO, to be exact). We stopped by Huge HQ to check out their hip space and meet some of the 500-person office’s cast of dogs.

Kino was the first stop on our tour, and definitely had the largest personality-to-size ratio. Her favorite office-break activity is carrying sticks back to Huge from the park. Unfortunately, they have to get dropped at the door.

Patrick’s leadership stance clearly establishes him as team lead in this part of the office. We’re pretty sure he’s behind some of Huge’s bigger digital campaigns.

Meetings are dog friendly, too. No word on whether participating dogs get to add their input.

Butters the Havanese is living the dream – daytime office naps.

Snack the Pekingese (he got that name by committee) enjoys observing the hustle and bustle from his post.

Chloe was a sweetheart, and one we’re sure the male dogs swoon over. It’s all in the eyes.

The key to a well-behaved office dog? Treats.

After touring the office and meeting some of the regulars, we rounded up the dogs and their owners for a meet and greet in the Huge kitchen (well, one of them). Tails were wagging, dogs were sniffing, and friends were made all around. Needless to say, it was pretty tough to get a still photo of the action.

Snack preferred to watch the action from the sidelines. We get it – we wouldn’t want to mess up that great coat either.

Despite the initial excitement, everything came together for a group picture. The smiles say it all – (work) life is definitely better with dogs.

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