Summer beckons you (and your bestie) outdoors, especially in sunny Los Angeles. But where to go besides the park and the beach? The city that strokes your dog’s ego as much as your own is hosting several dog-friendly and dog-centric events in the upcoming months. Mark your calendars with a paw print, because these are going to bring you and your pooch together for a wag worthy good time!

Eat See Hear
What? With four venues screening HD cult movies, Coachella-worthy live music, food trucks, and free dog biscuits at the door, Eat See Hear will probably be the summer event you and your wet-nosed companion are going to frequent. Don’t have one? Don’t worry. Best Friends Animal Society runs the Rent A Mutt Program–simply sign up and you’ll have a cuddle buddy for the flick. You can even adopt them afterwards if the date goes well! Tickets are $12 in advance and no charge for the furry guests; what else could you ask for from an outdoor soiree?

When?  Every Saturday from mid-May to mid-September; doors open at 5:30 PM

Where? Beverly Hills, Griffith Park, Pasadena, Santa Monica

What’s in it for Fido? Again, free biscuits (!) plus a few food trucks offer treats–Coolhaus truck features an ice cream flavor for dogs, and others bake up ‘pupcakes.’

Pick a cool patch of grass to lounge, so your pooch can mingle with other film buff dogs. He can even pick up a few fierceness pointers from Jaws on the 4th of July.

Photo credit: Eat See Hear

Photo credit: Eat See Hear

Pups At The Park, Dodgers vs. Giants
What? Does your dog dig baseball? Dodgers fan, Giants fan, or not, this game is going to be a  dog date-worthy shindig to attend. Dodger Stadium is welcoming tail waggers to witness the team rivalry and also participate in some games of their own. Better yet, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

When? Saturday, June 20th; gates open at 1:45 PM

Where? Dodger Stadium, dogs allowed only in the Right Field Pavilion

What’s in it for Fido? Our better halves will enjoy the game, plus receive goodies at the door, run, jump and play in pre-game activities (while you enjoy your own pre-game of margaritas and a Dodger Dog), and get the chance to strut their stuff on the field in the Pup Parade. Make sure to read the rules and restrictions for this event.

Photo credit: Stephen Dunn

Photo credit: Stephen Dunn

Doggie Street Fest
What? A nonprofit organization puts on this free adopt-a-thon and doggy celebration every year, resulting in at least 100 adoptions, complete with summer tunes and plenty of snacks for all. Expect to walk away with raffle prizes, a new favorite dog food, and maybe even a four-legged pal.

When? August 2nd, 11 AM-5 PM

Where? Colorado Center Park in Santa Monica (Pending Approval)

What’s in it for Fido? An opportunity to beg for toys, stroll the park, and meet wrestle buddies. You can also get tips from vets and special guest speakers. Bring the whole family (the member with a tail needs a leash) and paw it up with the local dog-loving community.

Photo credit: Doggie Street Festival

Photo credit: Doggie Street Festival


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