The Coffee House on Cherry Street
1502 E 15th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120

Tulsa, previously known only by two very annoying songs (“Ooooooook-lahoma” and “Living On Tulsa Time”), has quickly become one of the nation’s most blue-listed cities as of late, much in part to an influx of hipsters moving out of the now-expensive Austin scene. Though we know they’ll eventually move to Oklahoma City since now that it’s the “it city” (as one of our staff members wrote). But as long a we have the hipsters in town, there’s something that comes with that. And with that comes coffee–good coffee, strong coffee, fancy coffee–but coffee nonetheless.

Enter: The Coffee House on Cherry Street.

Putting as much thought into the interior as their high-end equipment, this almost-holier-than-thou spot is quickly identifiable by its quirky exterior, seemingly held up by fixie bikes.

But the best part is their attitude (and there is a lot of it) towards dogs–they love them. Adore them. Make a point of bringing them filtered water in ironic bowls.

Which, sadly, makes this a favorite.

So get there now, quickly, to enjoy it. As this time next year, it’ll be on everyone’s list.


The Coffee House on Cherry Street


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