Boat Basin Cafe
West 79th Street
New York, NY 10024

If you’ve ever been to New York City in the summer, you’re familiar with the steam baths the MTA grants us on the platform (included in the fare) and the “oh, there they are…@#$*!” sighting of our not-so-favorite friends (no, these friends). But with the sweltering summer days of city living comes the “aha” memory that seems to regress during the polar vortex days of our winters. After all, Manhattan is an island and that means there’s water surrounding us. And with that water, there’s usually a view of…well, more water and distant lands like Brooklyn and Queens and Jersey (oh my)!

There are so many great places in Manhattan to sit and enjoy either the sunset or the sunrise. But who are we kidding…why wake up early when you can enjoy summer cocktails and the sunset? The Boat Basin offers just that, and a place for your four-legged friend to mingle with the sandal wearing types, or the four roommates to an apartment crowd in the UWS.

The key here is to remember that you’re here for you and your dog, so take into consideration the following:

  • Does your dog dislike beautiful views?
  • Does your dog dislike beautiful people talking about their boat in Martha’s Vineyard?
  • Does your dog understand why people dislike and obsessively talk about the 2 train so much? Actually, scratch that, of course your dog understands that because everyone in New York dislikes the 2 train.

Jokes aside, the Boat Basin can get pretty crowded so if your dog is into elbow room, best to bring them during the week and avoid the post 2 PM weekend hours. And if you’re just there for drinks, get your pre-drink food fueling at Fred’s, which is just a few blocks away (and one of our personal favorites).


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