41 1st Avenue

New York, NY 10003

The history of d.b.a. is now over 20 years, and despite the introduction of Google search and Wikipedia, there always seems to be a discussion about what “d.b.a.” actually stands for. We all assumed and had overheard it was “doing business as,” but since we’re talking about dog friendly locations, we’ll just pretend it means “dogs belong anywhere.”

Though what d.b.a. really stands for is beer, and an unbelievably good beer selection at that, including cask beer – which is becoming an increasing favorite with beer lovers, but remains underappreciated by the masses.  You know who we’re talking about: those people who shout “Bud Light!” as soon as they get a sliver of attention from a bartender.

The scotch here is aplenty as well, and you’re sure to look really cool when you bring your out-of-town friends to this place so they can see what a real “local” bar is like (we won’t judge you if you walk away when they ask if there are t-shirts for purchase).

So, we have amazing beer, we have a scotch selection to put most scotch bars to shame, and we even have a nice selection of tequila. What are we missing? Oh yes, your four-legged buddy who, if he or she could talk, would totally let the cat out of the bag that you were checking out the Wikipedia page on scotch.

Space is at a premium in this city, but d.b.a. has one of the best covered patios around. Your dog is encouraged to come with you, and based on all the selfies that people post on Foursquare, your best friend will end up making a few friends as well.



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