South End Buttery
314 Shawmut Avenue
Boston, MA 02117

The Buttery is a charming haunt tucked away in Boston’s beautiful South End. But in a neighborhood full of the city’s best eateries, what makes this place so special? It depends on who you ask. Were you to ask a friendly Labrador with foraging habits, it would be the prime dog-watching patio and treats that makes this such a welcoming place. When asking the two-legged patrons, it’s the quality caffeine jolt paired with the mind-blowing lunch and breakfast options.

So much more than just a coffee shop, the Buttery offers a tempting array of house-made treats that include cupcakes named after the staff’s dogs: Madison Vanilla, Milly Vanilla, Chocolate Simon, Carrot Harriet, and Dexter Chocolate Salted Caramel. The icing is so decadent that even you would sit, beg, and roll over for a bite…Or you can just pay 3 bucks and call it a day (they’ll even donate a portion to local animal rescue causes). So stop making excuses and buy a cupcake…you know, for the pups. Choose a light or dark roast to complete the order.

Fresh and organic salads, soups, and sandwiches round out the menu for when you’re hungry and your dog feels like having a midday lie down. The Buttery is the perfect place to fulfill any which craving without having to leave your dog home alone to gaze out the bay window with sad puppy eyes. And while you’re there, make sure to grab your pal a fresh baked Polka Dog Bakery biscuit.

Bonus: After you fuel up on coffee and Buttery goodness, take your best friend for a short stroll down the street where he can jaunt off-leash at Peters Park dog run.

Kelsey McLaughlin

Kelsey McLaughlin is a Brooklyn-based comedian living life like a poor woman's Carrie Bradshaw, haunting coffee shops and dog parks with her Terrier-Shepard rescue named Moneypenny. Her work has been featured on Comedy Central, HelloGiggles, and more. Follow her on Twitter, @kelseyNOTgramer, or Instagram, @kelseynotgrammer (mostly dog pics).