Bar Bruno
520 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Stop trying to impress out-of-town guests and friends by taking them to some overrun, underwhelming brunch spot in the LES or Williamsburg. Instead, take the G/F train to Carroll Gardens where you can actually impress them with delicious Mexican delights at Bar Bruno–a soccer-inspired café with a dog friendly outdoor seating section.

Honestly, if we could insert praise hand emojis into this write-up we would. Because Bar Bruno has a brunch menu that will make you weep and Micheladas to make you write home. And no, we’re not talking about the atrocious boondoggle that Bud Light created. We’re talking about a special Mexican concoction that a decade ago was unheard of anywhere north of the Rio Grande.

To top it all off, you’ll enjoy your brunch and Michelada(s) in the laid-back, quaint café atmosphere where people and their pooches just want to enjoy the day…and maybe catch a soccer match on one of the TVs. Viva Mexico!!

Bar Bruno stakes claim to being home of the Michelada and fish taco. Self-proclaimed or not, we won’t argue with them because we’ve had both–and both were spectacular.

With a dinner and lunch menu on hand, along with an extensive tequila and mescal menu, the only way to go wrong at Bar Bruno is to not go.

Kelsey Bailey

Kelsey Bailey is a writer/comedian living in Brooklyn. She can be found performing comedy around town with her improv team Future Wives, eating tacos wherever tacos are eaten, and looking at pictures of her 15-year-old dog, Madison, on her couch. Follow her on Twitter for updates on all of the above: @notmerylstreep.

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