Alphabet City Wine Co.
100 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

You were always distinctly in tune with everything that was on the cusp of being a trend, before it actually was. Perhaps there were a few misses, but for the most part you knew what and where before most. That’s why you chose Alphabet City as your favorite neighborhood in Manhattan and pronounce “East Side is the best side”  as if you’re in a rap battle.  So, when the New York Times decided to tell the whole world about your drinks of choice, you almost felt obligated to say “I told you so” to your friends who questioned your libation practices. Remember, you had to forward everyone that article about rosé  in 2013.

So now that tonic and (add spirit) is making a claim to being the “thing” for summer of ’15, you need to stock up. Your ability to have bragging rights needs to be supported by a professional, one who works at a spirits store and who knows you and your dog (aka eye witness). With bodegas at every corner, there’s really only one place where you can bring your pup and not be worried about a crazy cat attacking, and that place is Alphabet City Wine Co.

ABC Wine oozes wine and spirits, without the snobby characteristics of most of the people who buy wine in Manhattan. The staff at ABC Wine would probably be drinking alcohol every hour if they didn’t, you know…have bills and stuff. There’s always a free tasting for locals (and you too, tourists) on Fridays. And behind that cash register is a bathroom you can’t use, but guess what? There are treats for your dog, and that’s all that really matters.

They have a great selection of spirits, and we’re not talking about the kind that come in plastic. It’s also not uncommon to find  a few furry friends wandering the store while their companions try and pick the best wine from upstate (clue: it’s this one). In a hurry to a party and need your wine chilled? They’ve got you covered there as well.

The friendlier your pup is, the more likely they get a few servings, but remember, it’s a store, so don’t get too comfy.


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