Summer is here and we’re already dreaming about our next vacation or weekend getaway. Each week, we’ll pick our favorite dog friendly Airbnb vacation rental in a city we’d love to visit – so you can pack your suitcase, grab the leash, and get out of town.

Hip East Side Tiny Pad Retreat in Austin

House in Austin, United States. Ever wanted to stay in a tiny house? How about a custom made, one-of-a-kind tiny house with all the amenities of a home, the convenience of a downtown hotel room, the green features you appreciate, and the artistic factor that will make you say WO… View all listings in Austin

Where You’ll Stay
Remember the scene in Harry Potter when he steps into the shabby-looking tent at the Quidditch World Cup, and the inside is magically enormous and filled with the comfy amenities of a wizard-tastic home? Well, this is pretty much the same thing.

At this custom-made, one of a kind tiny house Airbnb, you’ll find more than you imagined could fit in the treasure-filled metal and wood eco-trailer: a rustic, just-chopped down wood interior, a swinging couch, stocked kitchen, and tiny stairs up to the comfy, lofted orange bed (even fit for tiny paws to clammer!). To top it off, the pad is as convenient as a hotel downtown, dons green features anyone can appreciate, and has an artistic factor that rounds out the unique experience. You may even be welcomed with beer and M&M’s.

You’re about to stay in one of the hippest neighborhoods in the country, yet be exclusively surrounded by foliage that makes you feel like you’re on a camping retreat with your furry best friend.

Why We Love It
After you get over the fact that you’re basically the Harry Potter of the South, revel in the zen backyard setting, and get excited that you’re less than two miles from downtown, one block from hip coffee shops, and just a few hops from bus lines. Austin houses an eclectic population and is a very walkable neighborhood. Explore the area on foot and paw.

We suggest waking up early, enjoying a cup of Keurig coffee on the patio, biking downtown with the pooch by your side, and heading to where the action is – the PBR flows like water and gourmet food trucks line the streets. After a day of dog parks and doggy wading pools, Texas BBQ, and sight-seeing, return to the tiny pad and enjoy the wood-burning fireplace under the twinkling lights with Fido by your side.

Again, you have more at your fingertips than you think: the space (almost magically) contains all of the essentials, plus heating, washer/dryer, parking, air conditioning, high speed internet, and even a first aid kit.

What You Need to Know
Stay for $125 per night – no extra fee for the furry one (score!). This little Airbnb oasis accommodates two, but might we recommend a solo trip with the pooch to this hipster slice of Texan pie?

You may meet Penny Lane and Muddy Waters, the friendly resident pooches. So, expect your buddy to make new friends while you relax, explore, and brush up on your care of magical creatures.

Editor’s Note: As always, we recommend that you check with the dog friendly Airbnb homeowner for specific restrictions on breed, size, or number of dogs allowed in the residence.


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