Lake Hollywood Park
3200 Canyon Lake Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Is your pooch a sucker for the limelight? Take him to Lake Hollywood Park, where the California sun serves as the perfect lighting for his goofy grin (or celebrity stoicism) and the Hollywood sign as his regal backdrop. It isn’t exactly classified as a dog park, but the crowd of furry guests and their best friends beg to differ.

Drive up the windy roads of the Hollywood Hills, making sure to check directions beforehand (GPS isn’t very reliable to locate this hidden playground with a view rivaling that of The Observatory). Upon arrival, you should find parking without a hitch. Then take in the natural beauty of lush greenery, hills touching sky, a nearby vineyard, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir twinkling, the distant Pacific on clear days, and of course that unnatural yet remarkable sign of Hollywood. Do a quick photoshoot in front of the sign before Fido’s mane gets ruffled and the drool of excitement gets out of hand.

No formal amenities here; simply come to enjoy the views and chat with fellow dog owners while yours makes new friends of his own kind. Recommended itinerary: take pics and play for a bit, then venture to complete the Hollywood Sign hike and be back in under three hours to end with a picnic (The Dog Bakery is close enough to swing by before the drive up). Also consider taking a gander at that reservoir across the way.

Remember, this isn’t technically a dog park, so rangers sometimes stop by on the weekends to remind patrons. Bring a leash and be respectful of the space (aka pick up after your four-legged friend). Go on a weekday to avoid the crowd and claim the best selfie taking spots.

Best for: dogs who want to be a Kardashian, hiking mutts, nature-loving frolic-ers, Hollywood park celebs




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