59 E Springfield Street
Boston, MA 02118 

If you’re looking for a simply delicious Boston brunch spot, look no further. Blunch, the adorable eatery in Boston’s South End, serves up exactly what you’d expect: breakfast, lunch, and dishes that meld the two. With a variety of pressed sandwiches, bagels, eggwiches, salads, and sweets, it’s safe to say Blunch does simple bites well. The brown paper to-go bags will take you back to simpler times when your mom packed your lunch along with an encouraging yet embarrassing hand-written note.

Located on a quiet street, Blunch knows there’s no point in touting a large outdoor seating area unless dogs are welcome (you guessed it, they are). This shady, spacious seating area is so pleasant, your dog will lose track of time and you will lose track of how many cups of coffee you’ve had. What better way to enjoy a Boston brunch?

Take note: Blunch also offers catering. With Broad City making dog weddings a standard practice, keep Blunch in mind for future puppy nuptials.

Now, go eat some Blunch.

Kelsey McLaughlin

Kelsey McLaughlin is a Brooklyn-based comedian living life like a poor woman's Carrie Bradshaw, haunting coffee shops and dog parks with her Terrier-Shepard rescue named Moneypenny. Her work has been featured on Comedy Central, HelloGiggles, and more. Follow her on Twitter, @kelseyNOTgramer, or Instagram, @kelseynotgrammer (mostly dog pics).