Tin Shed Garden Cafe
1438 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211

We can all agree Sundays are for brunch (if you don’t agree, you’re in the wrong city). Considering it’s summer, Sundays should also include: cucumber limeade (by “cucumber” we mean cucumber infused gin), poached eggs (free-range if you live in Portland), and dog playdates. How will you kill all these birds with one stone? Tin Shed. 

Upon entering Tin Shed, you’re surrounded by an air of happiness. People are smiling and happy, as they should be considering the killer food: all farm fresh, locally raised ingredients, Guy Fieri approvedYou may have to wait a bit for a table, but that’s okay…it’s Sunday after all. Help yourself to a cup of organic-shade-grown-locally-roasted Shed coffee (Portland, you never disappoint) and take your four-legged buddy for a stroll around the Alberta Arts District while you wait. Just remember to return your coffee mug when you get back.

Once you’re comfortably seated at your table, order something, anything. You seriously can’t go wrong here—everything is fresh, wholesome, local, and delicious. Torn between the Sin and Salm I Am? Go ahead and order both. It’s Sunday, remember? Live a little. 

It can also be assumed people here are happy because their four-legged best friend is sitting right next to them, rather than moping in the backyard at home. Dogs are welcome with open arms both on Tin Shed’s fully covered, indoor-feeling patio and in the garden area. Need we say more? We will.

While dogs are welcome anytime, yours can dine free on Tuesday nights courtesy of Tin Shed’s Dog Lovers Night. Dogs dining? Yes, this place is for real. For every regular priced meal you purchase, your pooch will get a free meal all his own. Order the Fido Food with choice of locally raised, free-range chicken/ground beef (yes, the chicken had friends). To top it off, order the Doggie Dessert (aka peanut butter-banana ice cream). It’s “approved for people”…we won’t judge if you order two.

Looking for a new furry friend? Check out the wall as you enter the indoor bar for a coffee or mimosa refill. Here you’ll find postings for Pixie Project dogs in need of loving forever homes. If Pixie Project is absent, rest assured there will be another dog advocating local non-profit featured. If your pack is already maxed out, you can still help out by purchasing a Tin Shed doggie bandana. Why? Because we said so…and because 100% of your $8 purchase will go to the Shed’s featured organization. Plus you’ll get 50% off any doggie meal if your pooch is stylin’ a Tin Shed ‘dana. Somebody say twofer?

Caitlin Halla

Caitlin is a CA-born writer recently making her home in the Pacific Northwest. She is the mother of two pups, a tiny Pomapoo named Ninny Nincompoop Falcor the White and a precocious GSP aptly named Gunner (@thegunner). While new to Portland, she has quickly reached expert status when it comes to off-leash dog parks, coffee shops, and the city’s best food carts.