Literati Cafe
12081 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Instead of bumming it with the mutt around the crowded coffee shops of Hollywood or the east side, check out the Literati Cafe. This quaint Brentwood cafe is tucked away near the UCLA neighborhood of Westwood where academia is priority. You’ll escape from $7 lattes and 20-somethings desperately trying to write a script, in exchange for chill vibes, ample fuel (read: coffee and snacks for days), and outdoor sprawling room for your sidekick (read: dog).

And the best part: an always-coveted garden patio to make your four-legged friend feel like he’s in nature while you type away on your laptop or kick back with a chatty friend. The patio space is filled with tables and foliage, emitting greens and oranges for some mid-city color therapy. You’ll feel at ease in this secret garden hideaway, nudging you to get your work done, or just relax with your bestie.

A refreshing change, Literati offers mint lemonade to cool the summer days (plus those hot cappuccinos), in addition to fresh paninis and salads galore. Don’t miss the grilled cheese special on Tuesdays.

Truly student-friendly, this place is open early until 11 PM daily, unlike most work-centric coffee shops that kick you out before you’ve finished your fifth cup of coffee. You can come here for hours on end, and fuel yourself with breakfast tacos, turkey avo panini, or quinoa chicken salad (or all three if you stay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Don’t forget to sneak a slice of carrot cake or Boston cream pie. Plus, with a full menu, there are definitely options for sharing with your furry friend.

If you’re looking for an oasis with more than just bistro tables and pastries, Literati Café is your new haunt. Garden getaway, here you come (with Fido)!

dog friendly brentwood cafe

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