Park Bar
15 East 15th Street
New York, NY 10003

Park Bar has always been an interesting spot in Union Square, being that it’s 50 feet from tourist central while also never being less than five feet from an NYU student. With its beautifully adorned walls and good-looking staff, a rainy afternoon at this establishment lets you pass the time and enjoy traditional cocktails (no need to get crazy here with your mixologist). The music is always on and it’s always cranked up a bit, so consider that when bringing Fido. Though if your dog enjoys a playlist mixed with hip hop and dance music, definitely bring them in.

Mid to large easy-going breeds seem to do best here (as they get tons of affection). Small dogs are not the norm, but any well behaved dog can coexist here as long as they aren’t craving shopping bags, as those seem to be the added accessory between 3-7pm.

Best for: mid-large breeds, early afternoon cocktails, post-shopping drinks, when your dog needs more than just your attention 


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