The Anthem
1725 W Division Street
Chicago, IL 60622

Among the many reasons you probably adopted a dog, a few are assumed. You wanted to imply that you are maturing  as an adult, you wanted to attract someone who would love you despite the fact you’re not mature…and you wanted to name your dog after your favorite athlete because that’s what you do if you (actually) love sports.

Chicago has always been a great sports town. Strangers at the bar, engaging in conversation about last night’s score or tonight’s game, with the knowledge of a real fan…not like your friend Tim who retweets ESPN updates from two weeks ago.

At The Anthem in Chicago, you are exactly the type of person who will be welcomed with open arms. Well, unless your dog was named after an athlete of a rival team from another city and you can’t explain that story in under :30 seconds. This bar is consistently named best sports bar in Chicago. So don’t just take our word for it, others long before us agree.

Sister bar to Bangers & Lace, but completely different vibe. You’re not here for the craft beer, even though they have some. You’re here for the rooting, the chanting, the chicken wings, and rounds of Schlitz for everyone in your crew.

With an open patio for your best friend to hang, water bowls, and dog lovers abound, you’re likely to meet your next “special someone” here. If not, you’re here for the sports…just remember that.


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