Moontower Saloon
10212 Manchaca Road

Austin, TX 78748

To be honest, they’ll probably like your dog more than you. We kid, we kid…but it seems that way, what with the nearly 12 acres of open land. Add to that some food trucks, volleyball courts, live music, numerous watering holes (for you and your pup, and that weird-friendly Austin-like personality that made this city one of America’s strangest.

And, seeing how this is one of our favorites, we’ll give you a waggle staff suggestion for how your day should go at this particular Austin saloon:

11am: Take dog on walk around the property. Have a breakfast beer [yes, that’s a thing].

12pm – 2pm: Open up your lawn chair, make sure someone has their hand on the leash, and tuck into some of the numerous snacks on hand.

2pm – 3pm: Nap under one of the thousands of trees.

3pm – 5pm: Catch some live music, have another beer [Shiner, most likely].

5pm – 6pm: Sweat that beer out in a mean game of horseshoes.

6pm – 7pm: Let [dog] run around in the fenced-in dog park.

7pm – 8pm: BBQ!

8pm – 9.30pm: One more walk around the grounds, a few bottom sniffs.

…and then, you can choose to go home, or nominate a designated driver and stay until 2am.


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