Silver Lake Dog Park
1850 W Silver Lake Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Now that you’re a dog park pro, it’s time to hit the turf.

Silver Lake is brimming with dog owners and their furry beloveds—and they all come together at the Silver Lake Dog Park to enjoy the wide open spaces, sense of community, and amenities for humans and pooches alike.

This off-leash dog park is an expansive slab of both dirt and grass, brushing the outskirts of the Silver Lake Reservoir. The best feature is the separation of small and large dogs, ensuring no one gets intimidated or into a rough-housing they can’t handle. These spaces are fenced for extra protection. Your mutt can run, jump, play, and socialize with the neighborhood dogs, dig into the pile of tennis balls always in snout’s-reach, and relax in the wading pools on those hot Indian summer days.

This popular park is certainly busy on the weekends, so be prepared for squeezed parking after a few laps around the lot. This also means that there will be dozens of dogs, so puppies and not-yet-trained dogs are better off coming during calmer hours.

For you, there are benches to hang back on while your dog enjoys a good romp, and covered areas for both of you when a water break and breather are in order. For those especially high-energy dogs, take a 2.5-mile walk (or jog) around the reservoir for a warm up or cool down before or after hitting the dog park. Soak up the great views and enjoy the changing inclines.

Bonus: The community of Silver Lake Dog Park offers low-cost vaccinations on the second Saturday of every month. Make sure your pup is set up for healthy socializing with all of his new friends!

Enjoy the shade while your dog mingles with friends his size.

Enjoy the shade while your dog mingles with friends his size.


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