Pier Café
885 W. Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101

San Diego is all about the daytime, sometimes to the point of making the evenings dull, and that’s okay. You’re up with the sun and surf, everyone’s active, everything’s amazing. And so, you head out to walk and snack and play fetch and join in the chorus of “The BEST weather.” Or you may start humming a Jack Johnson tune and, well, we really can’t blame you no matter how much we’d like to.

You’re also not in Los Angeles or Phoenix, so that makes you even more likely to join that happy chorus until you get seated next to the family who drove from Phoenix (awkward). Remember, the best way to change the subject is to talk about…said weather or taxes. Or you can kindly get up and head to the best place to end your day.

So, where do you end it all you may ask? Pier Café. An outdoor seating bar area for you and your leashed +1, fresh fish from the water underneath you, and even some of those fruity drinks you make fun of but secretly like. Friendly folks show up, friendly staff awaits.

Best for: small to medium dogs, outdoorsy types, beach bums with jobs, warm weather junkies


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