We’re celebrating Adopt-A-Dog month throughout October by helping you identify the perfect type of dog to fit your personality, social circle, and style. Embrace your persona…we plan to do so with no regrets.

…Boston Terrier
You sleep all day, and work all night. You need a pup that understands your schedule and isn’t going to wake you up with a yippie bark or #1 in your shoes, which you’ll indubitably slip into, when you snooze through the 6 AM nature call of most dogs.

That’s why you need a Boston Terrier. Named after a city that loves its alcohol as much, if not more, than it loves its sports teams (go Sox!), the Boston Terrier is the perfect companion for professional booze enthusiasts.

Nicknamed the “American Gentleman” for its dapper appearance, this breed is gentle, affectionate, and the perfect companion. Requiring only a moderate amount of exercise, rest assured that you can kick your feet up and keep them up after a 12-hour shift…or when you get sucked into another episode of The League, The Killer Speaks, or Gilmore Girls (no judgment), with little resistance from them.

They’re pocket-sized without seeming soulless and perfectly bodied for your barely-legal-but-it’s-fine studio apartment. They’re loyal AF, so you know they’re always up for conversation over a pipe and a PBR, but will get riled up and overprotective if you start talking about your ex again. Persistence and consistency are definite musts when training, but you’re used to that—it’s not unlike how you train your regulars.

Rescue Resources:
 Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue
 Wonderdog Rescue (Northern California)
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 Boston Terrier Club of CT Rescue
 Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida
 Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
 MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue
 Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue
 Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina
 Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue
 Boston Terrier Club of Western Pennsylvania Rescue
 Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas
 Boston Terrier Rescue of West Virginia

Special thanks to Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs for providing us with these great photos. Visit her Instagram page to see more of her work. 


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