Smiling Dog Coffee Company
504 4th Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675

The love of coffee and the love of dogs are one in the same—strong, warm and fuzzy, unifying, and oh-so-rewarding. Erick and Marlene Kanter took both passions to play and created their company of generosity, Smiling Dog Coffee Company, which serves up both caffeine jolts and love for dogs in need.

“Through family and friends that worked with rescue organizations, we saw the desperate need for donations. It takes a staggering amount of time and money to help animals, but each one deserves a second chance at a good life,” says Erick.

Erick and Marlene came from a family of dog loving rescuers, and they haven’t stopped giving since. What began as a brainstorm for fundraisers turned into Smiling Dog Coffee Coffee when it clicked one day over a morning cup of joe.

After a year long search, the company partnered with a roaster that is Rainforest Alliance certified, USDA organic, and premium quality. Together, they create pounds of whole and ground bean, as well as single serving doses for your Keurig.

At the company’s inception, Erick and Marlene received outpouring support from their community and rescue organizations across the country. The company has 14 rescue affiliates so far, and they continue to add more to their roster each month as they grow into a true coffee and dog aficionado’s best friend. The list of partners offers a broad range of diversity, from pilots who donate time and planes to fly rescues around the United States, to a mother-daughter duo that rescue dogs near euthanization, and soldiers that find solace in friends while battling PTSD. Every and all kinds of dog lovers come together for the cause of rescuing dogs in need and benefit of the friendships they make on a multitude of levels, creating a woven storybook of family narratives, held together by the common loves of canines and coffee.

The couple stays motivated by these stories, and the reward they get from writing donation checks to their rescues every month. Smiling Dog Coffee Company ensures 25% of all proceeds go to helping rescues take care of dogs in need of loving homes or save another from a kill shelter—and better yet, their customers can choose the rescue organization they want their proceeds to support. Erick and Marlene’s motto is: “Wake up, drink a cup, help a pup!”—and they ensure this holds true. The rest of their revenue goes into growing the company so they can continue to help more animals. Their furry pals, Indy and Freya, keep them inspired.

September marked their one year anniversary of putting a little extra wag in pooches tails and smiles on coffee drinkers faces. They’ve come a long way in the past year, too. Beginning with one roast and a handful of rescues affecting their immediate community, they now have a plethora of both roasts and rescues, and a wide net cast across the country. Note: don’t miss out on their seasonal pumpkin spice blend!

Truly building a community, Smiling Dog Coffee Company’s customers often turn into volunteers and partners who believe in the company’s mission. And with more and more support, they’ll continue to have a positive impact on dogs, humans, and the bond they share.

“There’s a great connection made when you’re enjoying a cup of coffee while your dog rests beside you—both arrest you with unconditional love,” says Marlene.

smiling dog coffee company Editor’s Note: In honor of Adopt-A-Dog month, Smiling Dog Coffee Company is donating 50% of all proceeds to their rescue partners from October 13th-15th. Use the promo code WAGGLE at checkout for 10% off your entire order throughout the rest of the month. 


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