We’re celebrating Adopt-A-Dog month throughout October by helping you identify the perfect type of dog to fit your personality, social circle, and style. Embrace your persona…we plan to do so with no regrets.

If you eat Chipotle on a daily basis, there’s only one breed of dog for you. Hint: Their bodies are burrito-shaped and their attitudes are spicy. If you guessed bulldog, then you guessed right!

Bulldogs are adorable, friendly, and lazy as all hell. They will gladly perform small-spoon duties during your post-quesadilla nap…And just might out-sleep you by an hour or two. God knows Chipotle portions are huge and take awhile to eat but that is no bother. The mighty bulldog relishes a good, long sit. In fact, bulldogs are more content sitting by their person than chasing a ball or tearing around the grass. These dogs can act unenthused about taking walks but it’s important to their health that they get some exercise. It’s also important for you to burn those extra calories you consumed by adding guac. With the two of you fighting your lazy ways and pushing each other to move your bodies, your home will become more supportive than a Lucille Roberts.

Don’t let that sweet underbite fool you. The bulldog is stubborn the way you are when a co-worker suggests a different lunch spot. A bulldog has got your back when you just can’t finish the last bites of burrito bowl. They love to eat mass quantities. WARNING: Though this dog will be your best friend, any unattended Chipotle treat is vulnerable to attack.

You can adopt or foster a Chipotle-loving friend like Bently, Baked, or Jojo through facilities that specialize in bulldog rescue in your area. 

Rescue Resources:

Long Island Bulldog Rescue
MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue 
Florida English Bulldog Rescue 
Colorado Bulldog Rescue 
Southern California Bulldog Rescue 
Northern California Bulldog Rescue 

Special thanks to Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs for providing us with these great photos. Visit her Instagram page to see more of her work. 


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