Marcus Garvey Park Dog Run
18 Mt Morris Park W.
New York, NY 10027

Your uptown dog has been living in it’s uptown world. And in Harlem, the Marcus Garvey Park Dog Run is the place to see and be seen for uptown canines. There are two separate fenced in areas for big dogs and small dog—because scuffles are NOT chic. Come let your dog frolic off-leash and get the good Harlem gossip, which may take a backseat to sniffing each other’s butts. Eh, dogs will be dogs.

For every fabulous uptown dog there is an equally fabulous owner and the Marcus Garvey Park Dog Run is a great spot for them too. There are benches to kick back in while your dog tears around the thickly mulched haven and plenty of shade so your skin stays young and beautiful. Rumor on yelp is that complementary poop bags are left by park maintenance and other friendly owners so as not to commit a dog park faux pas.

You can take part in the monthly “Bark in the Park” event at Marcus Garvey where the community members come together, have some breakfast, and tidy up the dog area. What a great way to celebrate dogs and all the love they give us by improving where they get to play. HOT TIP: Volunteering in a dog park is a great way to be sexy without exercising.

Kelsey McLaughlin

Kelsey McLaughlin is a Brooklyn-based comedian living life like a poor woman's Carrie Bradshaw, haunting coffee shops and dog parks with her Terrier-Shepard rescue named Moneypenny. Her work has been featured on Comedy Central, HelloGiggles, and more. Follow her on Twitter, @kelseyNOTgramer, or Instagram, @kelseynotgrammer (mostly dog pics).