Karma Dog Training
Los Angeles, CA

What do you want your relationship to be like with your dog? Will you discipline with kindness or a hard nose? Loving and cuddly or loyal and obedient?

Whether you’ve just adopted a puppy or added six-year-old rescue to the family, you’ll have to decide and establish your human-dog relationship early on. Yes, it’s like rearing a child because let’s face it, this pooch is going to become your baby regardless of age or size. If you want to establish a mutually respectful relationship with your dog, consider the services of Karma Dog Training, where the gentle and enlightened approach is is at the core of solidifying the bond with your new best friend.

Karma’s founder and director, Jeffrey, and his team have garnered the respect of locals, behaviorists, and veterinarians around the city and beyond (and you don’t just have to take our word for it). This is due in part to their expertise in human/canine relationships, but also the eclectic range of classes offered: private in home training, basic obedience classes, service dog training, therapy dog training, and puppy socialization, just to name a few. Karma offers not only positivity and support, but a variety of locations and times for classes, and always individual attention. Jeff will even match your pup with the right trainer based on breed and personality. 

An important aspect of welcoming a furry member into your home is understanding that you have the power to create the nature of the relationship, bond, and the health of your interactions. Fear not, your dog does not have to end up like the yappy ankle-biter you dread seeing at the dog park. 

After one to three weeks, your pooch will be ready to alert you when nature calls, walk perfectly alongside when leashed (opposed to dragging you behind), refrain from humping the neighbor’s leg, and play nicely with the other neighborhood dogs. You’ll want to continue with the classes past puppy Pre-K, and in due time gain the telepathic communication only best friends can share.


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