We’re celebrating Adopt-A-Dog month throughout October by helping you identify the perfect type of dog to fit your personality, social circle, and style. Embrace your persona…we plan to do so with no regrets.

Are your tennis shoes covered in cobwebs?

Is the only reason you leave the house on weekends to buy sandwich materials?

Does your Netflix queue know you better than you know yourself?

Does a night in with your favorite pizza sound more appealing than a fancy five-course dinner date?

If your answer to those questions is “yes,” then congratulations! You’re a lazy homebody and, thus, an ideal cat owner. Playing with cats is literally easier than inputting your HBO Go password. With a laser pointer and menial use of your wrists you can entertain a cat for hours. Got a shoe lace? Flutter it around like the world’s least impressive ribbon dancer and your cat will paw and prance with delight. Toss some catnip on the ground and watch your cat’s heart flood with delight while you laugh and eat Jelly Bellies.

“Hey, cats aren’t lazy…” you may be saying to yourself. First of all, enough with the sass. Second of all, you are correct. Generally cats have plenty of energy, but they are self sufficient and can entertain their own damn selves while you are actually out of the house or in your bed working on the next chapter of your novel (which you’ll get to right after ordering a bahn mi and downloading the entire Electric Light Orchestra discography).

You may have a cat that enjoys the great outdoors, but unlike a dog who needs parental supervision, all outdoor cats need from you are your opposable thumbs to open the door. They can do the rest. No schlepping through the neighborhood in sweatpants on a rainy day coaxing your pet to poop. Why? Because cats poop in boxes. 

Even respectably lazy people deserve the love of a furry friend. Cats make great pets for people who are gone many hours at a time or are just the straight up lounging type that like casual cuddles and no daily walking responsibilities. Big Ang, Alfie, and Jadzia Dax are among the throngs of cats in shelters looking for the perfect home. Search for one near you and bring home your very own low maintenance cuddle buddy today! Or whenever you’re finished with your Netflix binge.

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