Migration Brewing
2828 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97232

Migration Brewing believes in the power of beer, people, and chasing dreams. We believe in all those things too…and dog friendly patios, which Migration Brewing has also got covered. So stop what you’re doing and migrate over to Northeast Portland for a pint of locally brewed, single batch, seasonal rotation craft beer.

No, you’re not in Austin or an automotive shop, but the open outdoor patio and converted garage space might make you and your leashed canine feel that way—at least while sun supplies last. Before the darkness and drizzle rains on the summer patio parade, soak up that orange ball in the sky, and the $4.75 pints of amazing microbrew with a side of meatball sandwich. It’s on special. Daily. Happy hour? Make it a $3.75 pint. Yes, Trail Blazers and Timbers games count as happy hour.

Poutine, eh? Yeah, that’s on the menu, and an anonymous Canadian says it’s authentic. Pork Belly skewers, fries with gravy and cheese curds, microbrews that can turn any afternoon into an afternoon of craft beer drinking. Go ahead, try it. We believe in you.

Caitlin Halla

Caitlin is a CA-born writer recently making her home in the Pacific Northwest. She is the mother of two pups, a tiny Pomapoo named Ninny Nincompoop Falcor the White and a precocious GSP aptly named Gunner (@thegunner). While new to Portland, she has quickly reached expert status when it comes to off-leash dog parks, coffee shops, and the city’s best food carts.