Bistro Chat Noir
22 E 66th
New York, NY 10065

Paws feelin’ fancy? Maybe you just got the pooch a new ‘do complete with a pink bow and diamond-encrusted collar. Head to the UES annex, Chat Noir, to show it all off. Set into the sidewalk, this movie-set glam NYC bistro is tucked away in intimate seclusion. It certainly is a taste of Montmartre, meaning classy pup-patrons only. 

Chat Noir pulls off the blend of Italian and French, both in fare and hospitality, with a classically delicious menu and charming service. Atop the white flower adorned tablecloths, gracefully lade your fork into mac and cheese with truffle and lobster, cauliflower gratin, fab salads, and always end with the chocolate soufflé. It all might be a little rich for the pooch, so bring treats to go with his or her complimentary water bowl.

Like an old school Parisian cafe, you and your classy tail wagger will bask in just the right amount of buzz, and an atmosphere most romantic—poised yet tranquil. Mind you, this is not a tourist spot. Here you’ll find local New Yorkers, probably taking their pretentious aunt out to lunch.

As you might’ve guessed, Chat Noir does not beckon the frugal; the bistro is ideal for not-so-casual Prix-Fixe lunch or a dinner date after a stroll in Central Park. Reserve ahead of time. 

Best for: pompous pups, fancy frenchies, romantic pooches, uptown dogs 


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