International Rose Test Garden
400 SW Kingston Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

Blooming season may be coming to an end, but it’s not too late to stop and smell the roses at Portland’s International Rose Test Garden. Not into flowers? Neither were we, until we caught a wiff of this place.

Picture the most roses you’ve ever seen in your life. This picturesque garden atop Washington Hill Park has over 7,000 rose plants, and each of the 550 species are tested for color and fragrance. Belle approves, and so will you and your leashed, non-footstool pooch.

When either your phone storage fills up with 500 million photos of roses or your feet start hurting because you forgot to wear comfortable shoes, you can head over to the garden’s grassy amphitheater for picnics, frisbees, and more roses.

A rose is a rose is a rose. 

Caitlin Halla

Caitlin is a CA-born writer recently making her home in the Pacific Northwest. She is the mother of two pups, a tiny Pomapoo named Ninny Nincompoop Falcor the White and a precocious GSP aptly named Gunner (@thegunner). While new to Portland, she has quickly reached expert status when it comes to off-leash dog parks, coffee shops, and the city’s best food carts.