83 Baxter Street
New York, NY 10013

If this isn’t a classic NYC potpourri of gastronomy, we don’t know what is— a Mexican inspired burger joint in Chinatown, that’s dog-loving indeed. Breakroom is the place to go when you’re hankering to get a little messy with a runny egg topped-burger, munch on some pork belly tacos, and wash it all down with a mint lemonade. Indulge in the Breakroom Fries when you just want it all.

A literal hole in the wall, the small space manages to accommodate with a high table and nooks to nestle in among the exposed bricks and psychedelic decor—and still plenty of room to drop some fries to your companion de dévorer. Bonus: there’s hot sauce everywhere (hold it for the pup). 

…Did we mention happy hour? From 3PM to 5PM on the daily, you can grab the special daily taco they’ve whipped up for two bucks, and a beer to wash it down for three. The hipsters that run this place know how to please. This Chinatown lunch must has standard hours, but fingers crossed that they extend to late night.

Come when you need just what the name implies: a break. Whether it’s a break from the usual kale salad and exercise routine or the Pier 26 Dog Run. You won’t be able to nuzzle with the pooch quite as easily as your mainstay beloved patios, but stop in for a quick bite or a munchy-fueled to-go order. Either way, it’s gluttony at its finest.

Best for: pooches on the run, fried food fanatics, burger connoisseurs


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