Stay one step ahead of those holiday calories with these dog friendly Los Angeles running trails. Keep up with your beach bod while enjoying naturally beautiful scenery and mountainous topography, best friend by your side. If you and your dog love to jog, take a gander down these four LA favorites—your new path will certainly include fresh(er) air, people watching, and a healthy workout. 

Hermosa Valley Greenbelt
This 3.5 mile greenery lined path between Manhattan and Hermosa Beach offer a refreshing change of scenery. The unpaved path is good for your knees and mile markers help you track your progress. Your pooch will enjoy the secluded feel, saving him embarrassment when he has to stop for a panting breather. Don’t worry, there are water fountains along the way. Just watch for twigs and wood chips that might catch a paw.

Santa Monica Pier to Venice Boardwalk
This 2 mile stretch takes you to Muscle Beach, famous basketball courts, and Venice Skatepark. Oh, and views of the Pacific all along the way, of course. Prepare for some sand in the paws and listen for bikers shouting “to your left/right.” Also, try not to stop too often for tourists to pet your adorable four-legged sidekick.

San Vicente Boulevard between Santa Monica’s Ocean Avenue and Brentwood’s Bundy Drive
The grassy median along San Vicente is a popular trail for local individuals and track teams alike due to it’s wide breadth and pleasant 8 mile round trip. Head west to begin, and you’ll dead end at Ocean Avenue. Looping the median, you’ll see beautiful properties, coastal views, and historic coral trees, all while crossing the leg of the LA Marathon’s “Stadium to the Sea” course.

Silver Lake Reservoir Loop 
One lap around the Silver Lake Reservoir is about 2.5 miles, give or take. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small loop of manmade terrain—there’s plenty to see and take in while getting a great workout. There are a few hills for a change of pace, plenty of parking, and benches for when you need a breather. You and the pooch will be thankful for the water fountains dotting the area, too. Bonus: you can walk over to LA Mill and refuel with a coffee afterwards. 

LA has it all—mountains, parks, and beaches—plus endless trails and treadways to enjoy with your dog. Just bring the water and snacks, and enjoy the views.


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