Bacon Social House
2440 W. 44th Street
Denver, CO 80211

Bacon for every meal, including dessert? We’re all-paws in. After a much anticipated wait, Bacon Social House opened its doors on November 24th at 7 AM, and the shiny, spanking (shall we say, glistening?) new place has earned deliciously deserved acclaim already. Owner David Dill rose the curtain to the meat-loving house in Cobbler’s Corner, situated in the heart of Sunnyside. The bacon-mongering gem is sure to bolster the hood to the same hotspot caliber as its northern neighbor, RiNo/Five Points.

BSH is serving up the goods. Habanero, garlic, candied, applewood, paleo, and a chef’s selection—all of the versions of pig belly you know and have yet to discover are here. Savor the bacon in it’s stand-alone glory, or tucked into bacon tots or perhaps a bacon brownie…everything to fulfill your soon-to-be artery-clogged heart’s desires. Worth it? Yes. 

Bacon-full and baconless dishes include fun twists on your favorites (Benedict, pancakes, and french toast), plus lighter fare including salads, veggie sammies, and even an acai parfait. Whatever you choose, you can wash it all down with a slew of beverage options. BSH hosts 12 taps of Colorado beer (5 of them brewed locally) and cocktails galore: delights garnished with bacon, of course, concoctions shaken just for brunch, and the classics, too. Plus, there’s kombucha and coffee for those on the straight and narrow. 

You and your dog will sit just to the right of the red neon ‘Bacon’ sign on the sizeable patio, with umbrella and views of passersby. Even still, don’t miss the interior—authentically 70’s, with colors that pop and a comic mural, matched in exuberance by the bumping tunes and boisterous patrons. The good vibes flood to the patio, but bookmark an indoor experience for a meal without the pooch. 

The BSH hosts brunch until 2 PM, at which time their “social hour” for small plates and drinks takes over. We’re all about brunch, of course. Get Fido a few strips while you sip on a Bacon Bloody in the Denver sunshine. This is bacon refined to fit the trendy, neighborhood joint bill.

Best for: bacon beggars, groovy greyhounds, chatty mutts


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