Biscuit Bitch
1909 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

Starbucks for breakfast? Unacceptable. Your sassy shih tzu deserves a full-scale Saturday spread. Head to Biscuit Bitch in Pike Place Market when you’re craving something rich, sloppy, and smokey—kind of like your fluffy, four-legged saucebox. These sassy Southern fixin’s are just what you two need after a late Friday night of debauchery or, let’s be real, more likely Netflix and pizza.

This Seattle staple always attracts a disheveled glob of a line, and the few small tables force everyone to play musical chairs. Add a puppy and things can get a little messy—if you and the squirmer aren’t up for the crowd and wait, come by after the brunch dust settles and before they close up shop at 3 PM. Takeout is also an option. Fridays are fried chicken, and fried chicken is always a good way to kick of the weekend with Fido. Other must-inhale items include the Hot Mess Bitch (biscuits and gravy with a jalapeno-topped hot link, garlicky grits, and cheese upon cheese), or the Smokin’ Hot Seattle Bitch. These in-your-face flavors might be a bit much for the pooch, but their Louisiana hot links will satisfy any canine craving. Have them pack it up with a better-than-your-PSL to go, and call it a munchy success.

HBIC, Kimmie Spice (obviously, it’s in her blood) admits her and the abode she blasts with oldies and Motown is a little trailer trash—the staff might crack a joke at your expense, but they’ll serve you food porn that would make Guy Fieri’s nipples hard and happily point you in the direction of the Space Needle, all with a hospitable grin.

Does it taste really good because the name is cool? Maybe. But it’s a Seattle must, and the Belltown location is right next to a dog park, so give in to the hype. Your bitch wants biscuits. Make it happen.

Best for: feisty fidos, comfort food indulgers, Starbucks boycotters


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