‘Tis the season…to not gift your pooch another boring squeaky toy. Instead, get your best friend something unique that will bring cheer to both of you all year long. We’ve handpicked our seven favorite dog gifts so you can spend less time shopping and more time playing. 

Step up your fetch game
iFetch: $115-$199.99
The iFetch adds a modern twist to a classic game of fetch. This automatic, non-stop fetching machine keeps the game going when your throwing arm needs a break. You’ll feel less tired and your fetch-loving dog will get extra exercise. 

dog friendly holiday gifts ifetch

Photo via goifetch.com

Your pooch is thirsty
Olly Bottle: $14.99
A truly tote-worthy item indeed: a BPA-free water bottle that offers easy access, made just for the thirstiest pup. No more crossing your fingers for sanitary public fountains, or waving down your waiter on those patio-chillin’ brunch mornings. Fido will be hydrated anytime, anywhere with the Olly Bottle. 

dog friendly gifts olly bottle

Photo via herdogblog.com

Chew for days
Bionic Chew Toy: $8.99-$29.99
This might be the last toy you’ll ever buy (unrealistic, but a dog-owner can dream). At the very least, it’ll last your dog a good long while. Choose from balls, bones, a tug and toss, and more for every dog size. Our personal favorite is the bone— it’s designed to fit perfectly in your pal’s mouth, and when the drool-fest is over, you can even pop it in the dishwasher (score!). 

dog friendly holiday gifts

Photo via dog-milk.com

Victorious treats
Toppl Treat Toy: $19.95
Make getting a treat a fun challenge—put a snack inside, twist the interlocking pieces together, and relax while your dog is entertained for hours. It’s chemical-free, easily washable, and can go just about anywhere. This is another toy for any clever pup that will outlive the average chew toy.

dog friendly holiday gifts chew toy

Photo via myedoglovers.com


A slumber fit for a trendsetter
Dog Teepee: $140
Say goodbye to that smelly bargain dog bed. Upgrade Fido’s sleeping quarters while integrating this piece into your interior decor; it’s a win-win. And what’s more trendy than a boho, hipster teepee? You can snag this one with a fun print and cozy fleece on Etsy, or peruse the site’s other chic thrones.

dog teepee gifts

Photo via snaggs.bigcartel.com

Luminous strolls
Illuminated Dog Leash: $25
 Not only will these LED lights keep you and your dog safe during evening strolls, they’ll also add some extra pep to your step. The five-foot leash can be seen from ¼ mile away and is suitable for dogs up to 90 pounds. What else do you need for your post-work walk besides a cup of hot cocoa and Fido’s favorite hoodie to complete the look? 

dog leash gifts

Photo via fancy.com

A box of goodies
PawPack Subscription Box: starts at $29/box
Subscription boxes are all the rage these days—let your dog in on the fun. PawPack specializes in all-natural treats, unique accessories, and high quality toys. This is the best option when you want to keep the love coming for months to come, and/or want to get him a little of everything without the fuss. Choose from one, three, six, or twelve boxes. 

pawpack dog gifts

Photo via mypitbullfriend.com


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