4712 E. 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90804

Meet your (and your dog’s) new soulmate. It comes in the form of a Korean fusion monster burrito and can be lovingly devoured on an outdoor patio in Long Beach. Napkins encouraged. CSULB students and locals alike frequent this hidden pink-trimmed gem for a spicy kick in the pants, free cookies, and late night convenience.

At Seoulmate, the Old Boy Bulgogi Burrito and spicy pork varieties are fan favorites, mostly due to the tangy, spicy, housemade saucy covered cuts stuffed inside a huge tortilla. Note: things will get messy. 

For your four-legged friend’s delight, grab a spot on the shaded hideaway patio. Before sitting down to stuff your burrito-loving face, make a pit stop at the nearby Recreation Dog Park or Rosie’s Dog Beach to burn off some of those calories. Or stop by for takeout on the go. Either way, the strings of lights lay on the charm and heaters add to the warm fuzzy burrito feels on cool nights. If you’re feeling extra lazy for your fusion fest, the delivery guy will bike the burrito to you and your dog for five bucks. 

You probably don’t want to buy the pooch a burrito, but Seoulmate’s staff is known to provide a water bowl. Plus, you can purchase portions of cooked meat for your pal. Just save the Siracha for yours. 

We’re not going to lie, the only downside here is that parking is terrible, but the free cookie and poem will make up for it. (Poem, you say? Yeah, trust us.) Also, save your cravings for Tuesday-Sunday—they’re closed on Monday.

Best for: spice-loving mutts, canines with a Buddha belly, 4th-meal indulgers


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