Voila! Gallery
518 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

High backed chair with a noisy British flag? Chandelier with handblown glass from Belgium? How about a gilded nude statue? Obvious necessities. 

At La Brea and Melrose in Hancock Park (just a touch away from the Weho Design District) sits Voila!—part gallery, part museum, full fledged awe-inspiring dreamland of modern furniture, vintage pieces, paintings, photographs, and seemingly useless albeit thought-provoking pieces. The best part? Your dog is invited to peruse the exhibitions, too. 

The design team behind the place has a creative hand in designing hotels, resorts, and chateaus as well as local venues like The Lyric Theatre. You’ll be greeted and chatted up by someone who will be more than willing to tell you about a piece, the artist, it’s origin, and it’s outrageous (but totally worth it) price tag. Meanwhile, your dog can lounge and shed (away from the high backed chair, please). 

If you don’t end up snagging a one-of-a-kind staggered industrial lightbulb piece that hangs from the ceiling or steampunk appliance, consider their museum quality framing (just in case you ever want your best friend’s portrait oil painted for the mantel). Or maybe just dream your little dream about putting some of this stuff in your 500 sq ft studio.

Grab the pooch and some treats, remind him that none of these gems are chew toys, and get ready to stare into some abstract paintings for existential crises and imagination-boosting musings. Enjoy a park jaunt or French brunch break afterwards to plan your next event at Voila! (yes, they do events too). 


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