The Boneyard
Jefferson & Duquesne
Culver City, CA 90232

Not all dog parks are created equal. So it goes, The Boneyard is a bark above the rest. Smack dab in Culver City, this mostly-dirt social club is open after dark (with lights), until 10 PM—perfect for a post-dinner romp off-leash. 

The Boneyard has the oft-loved small dog/big dog divide for the right amount of roughhousing for your chihuahua or great dane, plus a dog water fountain, tennis balls galore, and bags and scoopers for cleaning up your pal’s business. 

Also sought after in LA; ample and free parking is available whether you pop over for a morning wake-up or late night run, and benches for you to fraternize with other dogs’ humans. 

Some small but noteworthy bonuses: a “time out” section if the pooch needs some chill solitude, and the fact that the dog park is nestled in a larger, lovely park with views, recreation spaces and fields, picnic areas, and even a skate park. We imagine you’ll be stopping by for more than just a few laps and sniffs.

Best for: west side waggers, dog run lovers, Culver City canines 


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