Redondo Beach Dog Park
190 Flagler Lane
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

The South Bay loves dogs, and Redondo Beach hits the mark. Redondo Beach Dog Park provides serious romping room for behemoth dogs, teacup pups, and every size and breed in between. You and Fido will find its welcoming three acres on the northern end of Dominguez Park, easily accessible from the 190 freeway. The best part? There are always new four-legged friends to be made here. Overall, the park is good for socializing puppies and introducing them to new dogs while generally avoiding an overload of rough-and-tough play.

Redondo Beach Dog Park is set up run-style for fetch that never ends, with separate areas for large and small dogs. The space is very clean as far as dog parks go (they even have complimentary pooper scoopers…score!). The Friends of the Redondo Beach Dog Park 

Word to the wise: there are lots of rules posted about each area and general park guidelines for safety and respectful behavior—abide and be mindful. The park is open from dawn until dusk daily, except Wednesdays when it’s closed until noon for cleaning. 

The cherry on top? Redondo Beach Dog Park is just a short drive to Java Man, Hermosa Beach’s oldest coffee house, where you can grab a quick breakfast burrito and cup o’ joe. Your Saturday plans are pretty much set—just grab the leash and go. 


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