Faith & Flower
705 W 9th Street 
LA, CA 90015

Downtown LA is still in the midst of becoming the gentrified, more subversively trendy extension of Silver Lake, and this New American hideaway sits gingerly at the corner of Flower and 9th on the cusp of the cool trajectory—quickly becoming a LA must for aficionados of panache, patios, and punch.

Come for a special occasion dinner with your dog, high time weekend brunch (think oysters, fanciful eggs, and crab toast with champagne), or a seriously upgraded lunch in this pocketed New World/Old World beauty. Regardless of your choosing: make a reservation.

F&F basks in a basin of Old Hollywood glam without trying, a place that is actually sophisticated but somehow still laid back. We’re talking crystal glasses, dripping candles, muted colors with a sheen of glitz (but no kitsch), and not even a touch of pretentious tomfoolery. Don’t be mistaken, you’re not dining in someone’s private summer home (although, it may feel that way). 

You’ll find yourself surrounded by businessmen after work, celebs in casual clothes because they can, downtown socialites, and eager beavers looking to impress. Plus the 20-30 somethings looking to get tipsy in nicer clothes.

You and the pooch will perch on the patio, accented with hanging vines, foliage, and hedges, encapsulating a greenhouse-feel with just enough air for both privacy and display. The bustle of 9th will mill behind you, and the furry one will be happy laying below you on the cool tiles. Make sure to peek inside the ample, high-ceiling windows to see the inside venue of plush seating, drapery, and a lovely chandelier where you can dine on your next dog-less visit.

Now to the good stuff. This place is winning awards left and right: Esquire named their English Milk Punch the Best Cocktail in America and it’s surely a tasty way to punch up your day. The secret ingredient? Clarified milk (different, but delicious). This 1800’s throwback cocktail sits among a huge ice cube, accented with clove, coriander, and cinnamon that looks like flecked gold (you classy rascal, you). Sip it’s clear milkiness, and enjoy the smooth, citrusy finish with an absinthe linger. This punch may seem light, but we advise you proceed with caution. 

Angelenos dig the Deviled Jidori Eggs (the known and loved, with a kimchi twist) and the Oxtail Agnolloti (rich and heavy with bone marrow butter). The menu has variety, so don’t fret if you’re looking for light and refreshing. Feed the pooch beforehand so he doesn’t drool too much over your delicious fare. 

After sipping out of that green goblet and feeling a little like Great Gatsby, take a post-brunch stroll around the block or romp around one of the nearby dog parks with your four-legged friend. Cheers! 


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