Little Pine
2870 Rowena Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Off the Sunset stretch in a sleepy part of Silver Lake sits you and your dog’s new brunch/lunch/any-meal-really spot. Instead of bustling WeHo joints that host too many AYCD mimosa-drinkers and not enough ambience, you’ll discover vegan eats beyond repose and an atmosphere fit for any nature lover. Climb into Moby’s (yes, the Moby) imagination, aka Little Pine, and post up on the wee-patio of this well-to-do, woodsy-themed vegan restaurant.

Moby knows the plight of LA vegans, having been one himself for 20+ years: it’s either meat and dairy free chain restaurants that offer quick bites with delicious but not-so-healthy results, or bougie spots that break the bank. Thankfully, he swooped in and provided a casual-enough-to-wear-your-Birkenstocks, yet chic-enough-to-Instagram-brag hideout with bursting flavors that are turning newbies into regularly on the daily. 

You and the pooch can sneak through the minimalist but cozy indoors to the back where a concrete oasis awaits, nicely shaded with trees as an intimate extension of the indoors.

We recommend brunching or lunching here, primarily because it’s easier on your wallet (the small plates style of dinner can add up, especially when indulging in their curated vino list), and the day time atmosphere feels like you’re visiting Moby’s living room, metaphorically posting your feet up on his sustainable, locally-made credenza. Not too shabby.

Order anything from the menu—it’s all rave-worthy. Be sure to take a gander at their impressive tea collection and unique selection of kombucha found nowhere else. Moby will change your mind about what French toast and other brunch classics are; the culinary approach doesn’t mask vegan fare to parade around as what it is not, but rather, changes your mind about what vegan really is. Here, it’s better on every level. 

And our favorite part? Moby donates 100% of proceeds to animals in need, so that French toast will taste that much sweeter. Now prepare to respond to Fido’s begging puppy eyes—this will be your weekly stop after east side walks.

Best for: vegan-loving pups, Silver Lake strollers, Moby-listening mutts


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