Long live the lint roller for dog hair debacles. Keep your place from looking like an unkept dog groomer’s (and by unkept we mean three stars or less on Yelp) with these five secret weapons every dog owner should have in their back pocket at all times. Chances are, you have a few of these things, but even higher chances are you’ll need all of them to deal with your husky’s…decorations.

Weapon 1: The Carpet Rake
Used by professional carpet cleaners, the carpet rake is the weapon to use when you need to apply the elbow grease (read: haven’t vacuumed in two weeks). Spray the carpet with water first, or run the rubber part of the rake under water for easier pick-up. Sprinkle baking soda to deodorize and help lift hair as an added bonus. Now get to raking.

Weapon 2: Dyson Pet Vacuum
Not lost upon many dog owners, a vacuum is necessary. Handhelds are nifty for feeling like a hair-busting superhero and getting into tight spaces (we’re looking at you, stairs and couch cushions), but the Dyson vacuum goes one step further. It doesn’t get clogged, turns on a dime, and has some serious power. The price tag isn’t pretty, but we promise you’ll realize it’s worth it when you need to tidy up your dog’s fur presents in a pinch. 

Weapon 3: Dryer Sheets
Throw these in the dryer (of course) to help with static cling, or have them go double duty by applying them to harder-to-clean furniture, like headboards and wooden tables and chairs. Simply wipe across your furniture to prevent dog hair from sticking. 

Weapon 4: Microfiber
Like dryer sheets, microfiber cloths use static electricity to grab hair. Run these cloths along wooden furniture and other hard surfaces, and watch the de-hairing begin. Microfiber mops are perfect for removing hair from hardwood floors, linoleum, and more. If hair gets caught in the cracks, apply a new coat of sealant for easier cleaning.

Weapon 5: Dog Brush
Now let’s talk about preventative measures. Use a high quality dog brush to give Fido a regular grooming, so you can dispose of loose hair in the trash before it gets to the upholstery. Regular bathing and grooming also help, keep hair off your furniture and ignite coat envy at the dog park. It’s a win-win. 

The lint roller still works for clothes, but these added tools your place will look especially spick and span. Just don’t use the Dyson to vacuum the dog.


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