Micklethwait Craft Meats
1309 Rosewood Avenue
Austin, TX 78702

You can’t leave Austin without indulging in some brisket. The famous Franklin’s has a 4-hour wait and others deliver lackluster sides. But don’t sweat it, Micklethwait’s has your brisket needs covered. Don’t think of it as a lesser-than distant cousin to traditional BBQ; it’s more like the kickass new kid on the block. Grab the leash, because Fido is going to go ham (literally) when he realizes he’s replacing his rawhide with a bone touched by the hands of Texan BBQ gods.  

This place is a smorgasbord of meat and more, folks. Beef and pork ribs, rotating sausages, and of course brisket. Everything’s tender and, yes, it all flakes off the bone with a butter knife. Word to the wise: don’t forget to order extra BBQ sauce. You can pair any or all of these with kicked-up sides, like potato salad, jalepeno cheese grits, lemon poppyseed coleslaw, and ranch beans. And the chefs slap two pieces of white bread on top so no speck of BBQ is left to waste. If you have the room (and if you don’t, find some), finish with a moon pie or pecan pie.

If you’re not quite sold yet…wait for it…Micklethwait offers free beer on Saturdays. Yes, FREE BEER. If you’re BBQ quest occurs any other day of the week, grab a 6-pack from the convenient store on the lot.

Ambiance, you ask? This is a food truck (basically, a trailer) parked on a lot with lots of picnic tables. It may well feel like a family camp out, where dogs merrily frolic about, and locals and visitors alike mingle, drink beer, and share cheer. It’s Southern charm, both trendy and traditional.

We recommend making it an early lunch—they’re open “from 11 AM  until it’s gone” and it’s almost always gone by 4 PM. And by early lunch, we mean get there by 11 AM. Grab the leash and get ready for a bone-licking good meal. Ignore the calories, and head to Kealing Park to work it off with some post-lunch fetch!

Best for: dogs that bark for BBQ, Southern hounds, meat connoisseurs


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