Bar Great Harry
280 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Bar Great Harry is a haven for people who love beer as much as they love dogs. This Gowanus watering hole is conveniently located on Smith Street by the G and F trains. In the winter, it’s a cozy and warmly lit place to hole up with winter beers that numb you from the cold. In warm weather, the floor length windows are opened so you and your dog can laugh at all the basics passing by and not stopping in for a tasty beverage. There is no food and no frills, just twenty great beers on draft and 30 plus bottles that rotate often.

Head to the back room and congregate with fellow dog-loving nerds over a game of pinball. Throwback machines include Spiderman and Medieval Madness. This room is available to rent out for private parties too, if you’re ever so inclined. It’s a perfect spot for any occasion. Except baby showers. Don’t throw your friend’s baby shower here unless you want to come off as extremely insensitive. Birthday parties on the other hand? Heck yes.

Frequently embarrassed by an indecisive friend? “I don’t want anything too hoppy?” “I have an allergy to certain types of water. And bar napkins…” “Do you have any beers that don’t taste like beer?” It’s okay, the extremely knowledgable staff members will be able to help your finicky friend choose something they can palate (though they can do nothing to make such people annoy you less). Bar Great Harry is an ideal place to sit for hours on end with close friends, including your number one: the pooch. This is a Brooklyn beer bar your dog will be proud to pant in.

Best for: pinball champs, Brooklyn beer lovers, (birthday) party animals, social pooches


Kelsey McLaughlin

Kelsey McLaughlin is a Brooklyn-based comedian living life like a poor woman's Carrie Bradshaw, haunting coffee shops and dog parks with her Terrier-Shepard rescue named Moneypenny. Her work has been featured on Comedy Central, HelloGiggles, and more. Follow her on Twitter, @kelseyNOTgramer, or Instagram, @kelseynotgrammer (mostly dog pics).