Bravo Lounge
8650 SE Division
Portland, OR 97266

Some places don’t need a witty introduction. This is one of those places.

A massive terrace with BBQ, foosball, and darts.
Nightly drink specials.
Dog friendly/dog lovers.
The occasional pop-up cabaret.

Need we say more?

And while some places may need validation, or affirmation…Bravo Lounge swears by their Taco Salad. The best in Portland. Yes, that’s quite the statement when you’re hanging your hat on a very simple and delicious meal (too big to be an appetizer, are we right?). Though the more we think about it, we wonder if they’d ever try using Doritos? We digress.

But seriously…the outdoor, backyard-style patio welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes. Snuggle up next to the fireplace with your pooch and a strong cocktail, and take in the evening’s sights and sounds.

See you there.

Best for: All dogs, people in flip-flops, GenX-ers, meatloaf fans 


A group of dog lovers that enjoy a good game of fetch in the park, a cold drink at a sidewalk patio, and Instagramming dog selfies with the best of them. We're working hard to find the best stories about our shared dog culture for you and your best friend.