Casanova Lounge
527 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Admittedly, we struggle with putting this spot into a category.

Either it’s a terribly-designed spot with weird people and bad lighting.
Or it’s intentionally-terribly designed, with eccentric people and bad lighting.

However, there hasn’t been a time when we’ve gone with our dog where we haven’t had a great time, met great people, and gotten greatly drunk.

So, there’s something to it. And it’s good.

Now, if that means that satin and lace and mediocre Johnny Cash paintings to the tune of Tupac with a Greyhound in one hand and your dog on a leash in the other ain’t your thing, then there are far more…shall we say…enjoyable spots to be.

But the nakedness on the wall, the drink specials, the comfy couches to lounge, and the surly bartenders make this a spot. Note we said “a spot” and not “the spot.” It may not end up being your favorite bar, but it will be one you stop into whenever you’re out walking your dog.

[And maybe someday they’ll do something about the lighting.]


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